• Slow tour tuscany philosophy

Slow tour tuscany philosophy

“I am still learning” – Michelangelo, aged 87


A journey through curiosity, art and beauty

Who knew that the innovative Etruscans dreamed up vine grafting to improve their wine, that the Medici bulldozed a secret passage through neighbouring palaces in an unparalleled case of district one-upmanship, or that the great Leonardo da Vinci fell victim to his own experimentation when one of his masterpieces melted right off the wall?   

At Slow Tour Tuscany we invite you on a sensory journey to unravel the stories behind our ancient cityscapes, monumental works of art, and culinary and artisan traditions to connect you to the ‘red thread’ behind it all: the people, passions, intrigue and ingenuity that can still be felt today. 

From the secrets revealed on our ‘detective tours’ of Florence – such as what really happened to the so-called ‘Lost Leonardo’ – to the reason why Michelangelo carved his own face into a sculpture destined to remain forever unfinished, we take you into tucked-away artisan workshops, rustic villa kitchens, and beyond the city walls to explore the local terroir with a VIP Chianti wine-tasting tour to touch and taste these living traditions for yourself. 

We make art accessible 

Breakthrough technology, political conspiracies and celebrity cults: the Renaissance wasn’t so different to today. Our passionate guides make the past contemporary and relevant at Slow Tour Tuscany, distilling the essence of the great museums and artworks into moving and accessible experiences, and fluidly adapting to whatever interested or curious mood takes you. 

Whether you’re familiar with the terrain or completely new to it, there’s always a hidden angle to explore or an untold story to tell.

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