• A Taste Of Italy: Culinary Excursions For Foodies In Tuscany

A Taste Of Italy: Culinary Excursions For Foodies In Tuscany

Say goodbye to culinary misconceptions forever as you taste the real deal here in Italy! These food tours are Tuscany’s Foodie Haven!


If the word “Italy” is enough to make your mouth water you’re in the right place! Local markets, artisan ice-cream, homemade pizza, pasta, and the delicacies that set the different regions apart… The Italian cuisine deserves its stellar reputation around the world.
But did you know that “Spaghetti with Meatballs” do not actually exist on a single Italian menu? The same goes for Pasta “Alfredo”. People genuinely won’t even know what you’re talking about. As you might find out, there are quite a few culinary misconceptions that will likely raise eyebrows in Italy or even prompt some wild hand gestures accompanied by an exasperated “Ma che schifo!So what’s the real taste of Italy, you wonder? You’re about to find out!  

Food Markets and Delikatessen in Florence

Join us on a trip to the local market — one that still breathes authenticity, not only thanks to its longstanding tradition since 1873 but also because the most authentic Florentines still come here to buy the ingredients for their recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation. With an abundance of regional specialties on display, we’ll make sure you get a first impression of the local food of the season.

Did you know
that in Italy, we can distinguish different types of tomatoes by their taste? Have you ever wondered about the perfect way to cut your meat, or the secrets behind the Florentine T-bone steak? At Slow Tour Tuscany, we believe in learning from the best of the best which is why you will meet a famous chef and Doc Florentine, the owner of several dining and entertainment venues close to the market. With an extensive knowledge about all things food and Florence, he’ll let you in on the secrets of the Florentine cuisine

Of course, you eat with your eyes first, but a mouthwatering display of food is surely meant to be eaten. From bread to cheese, fish, and meat: We’ll make sure you get a taste of the real Italy!

Truffle Tour 

Holy tartufo!
If you’re into hiking you might come along several signs in the middle of Tuscany’s vast nature: “Collection of truffles reserved.”  What’s the deal with one of Italy’s specialities? We’ll make sure you find out on our tour designed for truffle lovers and lovers-to-be. Together, we’ll hit Florence’s most important food market to get a visionary insight into our local cuisine. 

In the heart of Florence, we’ll then make our way into Truffle Haven: Founded in 1885, this gastronomy shop is a delight for your taste-buds.
Truffle on fresh pasta or eggs, mortadella with truffle, truffle pecorino, truffle lard, salted codfish croutons with truffle, duck liver croutons with truffle… You see, we hold our word when we say Truffle Haven.

But there is another specialty waiting for you to taste: balsamic vinegar, another culinary delight that’s made us famous around the world. We’re sure that once you’ve tried the real taste of Italy — which is of course complimented with a sip of wine — you’ll never want to go back.
At the end of the day, there’s only one really important rule in Italian food culture you have to remember: Food is meant to be enjoyed and shared

At Slow Tour Tuscany, we know how much the right group matters. Whether you’re planning a private tour with your spouse, your family or your group of friends, or whether you’re hoping to meet new people: We’re ready to customize your tour to make your Truffle tasting one for the (cooking) books!

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